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McDaniel painting


I am a heterogeneous artist. Unlike other artists, I do not
believe one style fits all.
The various styles applied to
my paintings are dictated by the concept that each idea demands its own emotional expression. My goal is to
express ideas through surrealistic-symbolism via subliminal factors using color and typographic elements.


One welcomes Jerry McDaniel’s computer images for their exoticism: They seem to humanize the
tyrannical aspects of the computer. Who would not warm the needlepoint-look of his images of
a pineapple and a bird of paradise?                NEW YORK TIMES

McDaniel is a new Stuard Davis.                   WISDOMS CHILD NY

Jerry McDaniel’s paint is electric liquid.       CONNECTICUT MAGAZANIE

Jerry is the man of a thousand styles.
William Kidd, NY -                                        SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS

McDaniel is one of the most versatile artists of our time.
                                                                       ART FORUM INTERNATIONAL

Jerry McDaniel is The Eclectic artist of the 21st Century
                                                                       LA LA LAND PRESS


Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian, Pentagon, US Air Force, and numerous private collections
around the world.